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Law Ofiice Hadbábna & spol.

JUDr. Oľga Hadbábna

The main mission of our office is to represent our clients in proceedings before courts, governmental authorities and other legal entities. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive legal advisory services. We prepare legal analyses, provide legal advice, draft legal acts, settle disputes out of court, or, as the case may be, manage client’s property, and provide other forms of legal advisory services and legal assistance.

The aim of our law office is to assist clients in exercising their constitutional rights to defense, and to protect other rights and interests pertaining to them. We perform these activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, constitutional acts, other acts and generally binding legal regulations.

To defend our clients’ interests effectively, we pursue our mission with due professional care at all times.

JUDr. Oľga Hadbábna
JUDr. Oľga Hadbábna



Motto: Ignorare leges est lata culpa - To be ignorant of the law is gross negligence

The law office was established by JUDr. Oľga Hadbábna in 1990 in Žilina, with a view to assist citizens, companies and other legal and natural persons in enforcing their rights and protected interests. The aim of the law office has always been not only to resolve the individual problems of clients, but, above all, to provide them with optimal and comprehensive legal solutions. We always recommend and encourage our clients to prevent undesirable legal complications, and consult their legal issues in a preventive manner.

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JUDr. Oľga Hadbábna & spol.
Law Office
LIVING centrum (3rd floor)
Prielohy 1012/1C
010 07 Žilina

tel. +421 41 5622 467
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